Heart infection problems to watch out

Heart infection problems to watch out for

Pericardium of the heart and outside of the heart; Inflammation of the lining of the endocardium is called endocarditis or heart infections. It is a rare but serious form of heart disease.

Inflammation of the pericardium on the outside of the heart Fluid retention may occur between the heart and the pericardium.

Most of the symptoms of a heart attack are not obvious. It gradually became stronger. Most of the symptoms are similar to those of a sick person. This can sometimes be difficult to diagnose.

Signs of a heart infection
A sudden heart attack is similar to a fever and can sometimes be mistaken for illness. The most common symptoms of this disease are:

Chest pain
Cough _
Obstruction of the airways
The skin is white and pale.
I have a fever.
Sweating at night
Loss of appetite
Pain in the limbs and joints.
The upper left side of the abdomen may be full.
Abnormal weight loss
Feet Swelling of the hands and abdomen.
Symptoms include itchy skin.
Here are some common symptoms:

Blood in the urine
Skin discoloration ;
Red spots appear on the skin.
Purple spots on the toes appear.
What causes a heart infection?
Increased numbers of bacteria around the heart are a major cause of heart infections. Bacteria usually live on the outside and inside of the body.

However, some germs can enter the bloodstream through food. The immune system fights off these germs. But in some cases, some people are not able to fight these germs. This is just the beginning of heart disease.

Bacteria in the bloodstream reach the heart and cause endocarditis. But bacteria are not the only cause of heart disease. Viruses Germs and fungi can also cause the disease.

Food is not the only cause of germs getting into the heart. There are other reasons why germs can get into the heart. These are:

Through brushing your teeth .
By not keeping the mouth clean.
Through sexual intercourse.
Through unclean needles.
Through drug use;
It can be transmitted to the heart through the urinary tract.
Risk of heart infection
Heart disease is not the only problem. It can also lead to other health problems. Most viruses that reach the heart can infect the lungs, Brain Kidney It can also reach the limbs and other parts of the body.

Therefore, people who suffer from heart disease are more likely to develop the following health problems:

Heart failure;
Stroke _
Wind chimes;
Body drawing
Infected organs
Pulmonary embolism;
Kidney damage;
Enlarged spleen may also occur.
How to prevent?
Like other heart diseases, it can prevent heart infections. However, the risk of heart disease is not the same as other heart diseases, so prevention methods are somewhat different.

I feel tired for no apparent reason. Problems with skin infections Seek medical attention if you develop a sore throat or severe pain.
Take good care of your oral health.
Brush your teeth regularly, twice a day.
Check your teeth regularly.
Skin damage Be careful not to get infected.
If you have sensitive skin, get a tattoo. Avoid holes.
Keep your immune system strong.
Get plenty of vitamin C in your diet. These can help prevent heart disease and help treat it early if it starts.

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