Cat’s tongue can cure 18 diseases and various toxins

Cat’s tongue can cure 18 diseases and various toxins

I knew it was medically necessary, but I did not know the benefits

Cat’s tongue can cure 18 diseases and various toxins

Cat tongue leaves cat tongue

Cat’s tongue (Indian Trumpet Flower, Raw Material, Oroxylum indicun Vent, Bignoniaceae). May the new traditional medicine of Myanmar flourish again. A cat’s cat’s tongue called a cat’s tongue, which is used in the preparation of various drugs against snakes and other venom

(A) Cat’s tongue bark powder and ginger (ginger) juice; It can be taken with honey to cure asthma and whooping cough.

(B) Soak the bark powder in boiling water for 2 hours and drink it in the morning and at night to cure indigestion.

(C) Soaking the cat’s tongue in water and holding it with water will cure dry mouth.

(D) Pain after childbirth; Cat’s tongue can also be used for migraines.

(E) Rheumatoid arthritis; Diarrhea Diarrhea Used for diarrhea.

(F) Opium poisoning disappears when the cat’s tongue is squeezed.

(G) Eating boiled cat’s tongue is good for the stomach. It hurts the ears.

(H) Boiling the fruit of cat’s tongue; Indigestion can be caused by eating or cooking. Sore throat Thyroid disease is cured. Eating a salad can cure a sore throat.

(I) Asthma can be cured by eating a mixture of cat tongue and chicken.

(J) Cholera may be cured by cooking with cat’s tongue and fish. It strengthens and cures indigestion and diarrhea.

(K) Eating catfish and shrimp can cause heart attack and stroke. Heart disease is cured.

(L) Cooking catfish with fish tongue can reduce the risk of diarrhea, obesity and heart failure.

(M) Eating catfish tongue and fish with snake venom cures Dula blood, menstrual blood and horse gonorrhea.

(D) Curing the root of the cat’s tongue with blood to cure sores

(O) Eating cat’s tongue twice for seven days increases semen strength. It calms the three kinds of anger.

(A) When the root of the cat’s tongue is applied to the blood, one stroke dies၊ I don’t bleed, I don’t bleed. Numbness or pain Those who are weak are healed.

(Q) Six-fold cat tongue; 6 dried Chin people; It is a wonderful way to get rid of menstrual cramps for women 4-5-6 days after giving birth.

(D) Powder of cat’s tongue with ginger (ginger) mineral water; And honey; When mixed and eaten, asthma and whooping cough are cured.

(D) Milk mixed with cat’s tongue. Inhalation mixed with turmeric leaf extract cures migraine.

(N) Soak the cat’s tongue bark powder in warm water for two hours and then drink 1 kyat at a time in the morning and night to cure indigestion caused by diarrhea.

People who are addicted to opium are cured by drinking catnip juice

(F) If the cat’s tongue or cat’s tongue is soaked in water and given water, the dry mouth will be cured.

(B) Eating cat’s tongue; Boil water and eat it to cure mouth ulcers.

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