Change the Privacy Settings to make Telegram more secure

Change the Privacy Settings to make Telegram more secure

Currently, many locals are switching to Telegram because they no longer trust Facebook Messenger . In this case, the default settings of Telegram are not 100% secure. If you use it without changing the Telegram settings, you will know who you are through your phone number and other information. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Telegram : These Telegram Privacy Settings are the settings I use myself.

My Recommended Telegram Privacy Settings
Open Telegram first. Then select Settings. Then select Privacy and Security. You have to change the settings from here.

Passcode and Touch ID : Select Passcode and Touch ID first. You need to turn this setting ON. Then enter the passcode (6 digits). Customize the auto lock period. Not everyone can access Telegram, but only by entering a passcode.

Two-Step verification: Turn this setting ON too. Then enter a new password. If you forgot, enter a password hint and recovery email to use. If you want to log in to this new phone, you will need to enter the login code sent by SMS as well as the password. This will make it harder for you to access your telegram account by forging your phone number.

Phone Number: You also need to hide your phone number.

Change the “Who can see my phone number” setting to Nobody for My Contacts only. I chose Nobody because I wanted to hide my phone number completely.
Change “Who can find me by my number” to My Contacts. That way, only people on your Telegram contact list will be able to find you by entering your phone number. Someone you do not know can enter your phone number and cannot find your account.

Last seen & Online : Switch from My Contacts to Nobody to see when you were last online. I changed Nobody.

Calls : I changed this setting to My Contacts. Only call from people on your list. He did not want to be contacted.

Forwarded Messages : Nobody has changed this setting “Who can add a link to my account when forwarding my messages”. This way, you can hide your account from others when others forward your messages.

Secret chat for better privacy
On the signal, the messages sent are encrypted between the sender and the receiver, so no one can read between the end-to-end encryption. In Telegram, regular text messages are stored on the telegram server. The password is stored between your telegram server. This is not a big problem. But if you’re not sure what you are talking about is very important, you can use end-to-end encryption between Telegram between sender and receiver. This sends messages directly to the recipient without being stored on the telegram server. Because the encryption system is very secure To date, what organization? No government has read it yet. You can also set a time for your messages to be automatically deleted.

Follow these steps to establish confidential communication

1. Find the person you want to contact secretly in the Telegram Contact List.

2. Click on the Profile Picture in the top right corner.

3. Click on the 3 dots below the profile photo.

4. Select Secret Chat. Then you can start talking.

5. If you want messages to be deleted automatically, you can select the clock duration by tapping the clock icon in the text box. If you do not want it to shut down automatically, just click the clock and select Disable.

Contributed to Secret Chat
In the image above you can see the functions of Secret Chat. By using Secret Chat

Direct encryption between two recipients of the message
No information left on Telegram server
News will automatically disappear over time
You can not forward the message to another person, and a screen shot will show up.
You can enable secure online operation by changing these Telegram settings.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments.

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