Great ways to relieve deafness

Great ways to relieve deafness
Deafness is one of the most annoying things in the ear. Silence is worse. Deafness can occur for no apparent reason. Some are occasional and some are continuous. It is best to find and treat the cause of the deafness. During this treatment, If you are currently unable to go to the clinic, you can try the following methods.

Great ways to relieve deafness
What makes deafness worse?
Some people eat something. If you drink it, It is said that hearing loss can make your hearing worse. They may not always be the same. Look for things that make you worse. For example, some people get worse when they drink caffeine. Some drink alcoholic beverages; It is more common on days when you eat a lot of salt.

What makes you worse? If you avoid it, you will not hear often.

Quit smoking.
Smoking worsens deafness in two ways. It damages the blood vessels and prevents the blood from reaching the nerve cells that control hearing. It also stimulates the internal systems. As a result, the ear becomes wider.

Turn on the pleasant sounds.
Listening is more noticeable when you are quiet. So do these things so that you do not notice the deafness.

– Turn on the music softly.

– Listen to the radio.

– Turn on the fan.

-white-noise Natural sounds can also be turned on. For example, the sound of rain; It’s like the sound of the waves.

Set aside time to deal with stress .
If deafness is the first time. People often get confused if it happens again and again. This kind of confusion. Stress also makes hearing worse. So do not forget to set aside 15 minutes each day to reduce stress. There are several ways: You can do whatever you want.

– Yoga

– Meditation

Muscle relaxation

Close your eyes and go where you want to go. Imagining a beautiful place.

If you do a quiet exercise, such as meditation, turn on a volume at the back. This will allow you to focus more on your hearing loss.

Get enough sleep .
Deafness can be worse when you are sleepy and weak. Increases hearing loss. I can’t sleep because of deafness. Sleep deprivation can lead to a cycle of ear infections. To get a good night’s sleep

Keep the bed dark and cool.

If the bedroom is too quiet, turn on white-noise so you do not notice the noise.

Bedtime Get up at the right time.

Set regular bedtime routines. For example, take a shower before going to bed. Then I will eat and read. Then do some breathing exercises and go to bed.

Make the bed and pillows comfortable.

Do strenuous exercise 2-3 hours before bedtime. Drinking alcohol Drinking coffee Avoid eating.

Exercise 3 to 5 days a week.
Exercise can help relieve deafness due to the following factors:

Reduces stress.

– Makes you sleepy.

Relieves depression caused by deafness .

If you are just starting out, take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Start comfortable. Try to do it regularly first. If you can do nothing, start walking.

Protect yourself from noise.
Noise is a major cause of deafness. It also makes hearing worse. So protect your ears from the noise.

When listening to music with headphones, do not record more than half the maximum volume. Do not listen for more than an hour.

Wear ear plugs when going to noisy events (eg shows, bars, clubs) . If you can not hear the person within arm’s reach, the sound is too loud. Hearing loss; Deafness can get worse.

When mowing the lawn with a mower. Wear earplugs when using a loudspeaker.

– Noisy factory. Always wear ear protection when working in a workshop.

Do not underestimate the power of resistance.
However, you can get deafness for no apparent reason or if you have any of the following conditions: People with this condition should be treated by a doctor.

– Thyroid disease

– Hypertension

–Lyme disease


– Closing the loan

Jaw deformity

Brain damage



Take care of your medications. Tell your doctor if you start to feel deaf after taking a new medicine.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for deafness. If you can’t hear your daily routine, If you can’t sleep at night If it gets worse , you should see a doctor .

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