How can you train your child to be obedient?

How can you train your child to be obedient?
It is the desire of every parent to get their child to listen. But in reality, children rarely obey their parents exactly.

Today’s TVs, video games, In the digital age, when mobile phone games are mushrooming, children’s attention spans are declining.

Almost every parent with a child does not hear what their child is saying. I heard but did not answer at once. You will often have to repeat 3-4 times to get a response to what you say. Children are genetically predisposed to hearing what they want to hear and not hearing what they do not want to hear.

If this happens more often, the parent may become angry and yell at the child. They can be beaten.

So this week’s article discusses how a parent can train a child to pay attention immediately when a parent speaks.

Get rid of clutter you do not need
When a child is watching TV. When playing games. If you are watching a YouTube video on your phone, shouting from the other side of the room will do you no good.

In such cases, before speaking to the child, Before asking a question Or, before giving any instructions, get rid of distractions. I turned off the TV. Or raise your voice. Talk to your child after you stop the game.

If possible, talk face to face. If necessary, hold the child by the shoulder and talk to him in order to get more attention.

Warn in advance
Give the instructions 5 minutes in advance. For example, if your child is watching TV for the next 5 minutes, tell him or her to turn off the TV and take a shower. Turn off the TV and take a shower after 5 minutes.

Similarly, remind your child that he or she will have to start school in five minutes when it is time to study. As the child prepares for the change, the child is more likely to listen.

Give your child only one instruction at a time to obey
Babies are not able to follow many instructions.

For example, take off your shirt and put it in your basket. The adult may be well aware of the instructions to come and take a bath and eat, but the child may not understand. So when you give them instructions, give them only one instruction at a time.

Complex instructions can be broken down into clear instructions. After the child completes the first instruction, repeat the second instruction.

In order for your child to listen to you, you need to give clear and easy-to-follow instructions when giving instructions.

Ask your child to repeat what you are saying
Have you ever seen military vehicles? Especially in American military vehicles, if an adult gives an instruction, the following command repeats the instruction and reports that it has been received.

This is because it is a protocol that ensures that the subordinate clearly understands the instructions of the adult. In the same way, when giving instructions to your child, make sure that he understands exactly what you are giving him. Make sure your child understands what you are saying and that he can correct any misunderstandings.

If you listen to me, acknowledge and commend me
When a child behaves well, we need to acknowledge and encourage him. Encourage them to adopt these good habits by praising them. For example, when you ask your child to clean a room, recognize it and commend him or her immediately. Reward sometimes.

It’s like putting a star on a calendar and recording your child’s good deeds. Or putting a card on the wall and putting a sticker on it every time your child listens to you encourages your child to develop good manners.

If the child does not listen to you, give him the punishment he deserves
When a child does not listen to you, you need to give him the punishment he deserves. For example, I stopped watching TV at night. I do not use my phone 24 hours a day. I stopped playing video games 24 hours a day.

Do not shoot. Do not shout. Tell your child once what will happen if you do not tell him. Say it only once. Do not say it over and over again. If the child does not listen to you, punish him as he says. For example, if you are told that you will not be able to watch TV tonight after 7:00 pm and do not finish your homework by 7:00 PM, do not watch TV as instructed. You need to figure out what will happen if you do not.

I keep telling you to do it. Do not shout. Your child will gradually come to understand that you need to obey him when he realizes that you are losing his benefits if you do not obey him.

If you do the above patiently, you may be able to train your child to listen. It will take time.

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