Real Happiness

Real Happiness

On one occasion, a instructor asked me to do this in a class of about 50 people.

“Take a ball here and write your name on that ball and go to the empty room over there.”

When all the balls are put in the room, the names are mixed up.

The instructor told the participants, “Well, I’m going to give you five minutes. Find the ball in your room with your name on it.”

Everyone is pushing for a ball with their name written on it. People who collide with each other collide. Because the person who slipped slipped.

Just over 5 minutes. No one found the ball with their name on it. So the teacher asked me to change to another language.

“Pick up the ball closest to you first, then call out the name on the ball and give it to the right person.”

In less than two minutes, all the balls reach the right person. At that moment, the instructor said.

“It’s happening in real life. We’re looking for happiness like a football with our name on it, but we have not found it.

In fact, happiness depends on how much you can make the people around you happy. ”

When you make others happy, you will automatically have fun.

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