The best free options for PowerPoint

The best free options for PowerPoint

When it comes to Powerpoint, an application created by Forethought Inc., a veteran of the computer industry, was initially baptized . I switched to Powerpoint and added it to my office.

Powerpoint is widely used not only in business but also in education and the private sector. It came to the market to fill in the gaps in Word presentation for presentations, and since then it has become the standard due to its ease of use and wide range of possible features. Animated messages Pictures Videos Graphics
One of the strengths of Powerpoint enabling OfficeO5 and a suite of Microsoft applications available on the web, as well as WordPress Excel, Outlook, Access, and desktop applications, is integration with Office 365. It is not possible for Office 365 to purchase applications running independently under a subscription . This means that you have to pay every month.

Either individually or collectively. For companies 7 euros per month It costs only ယူရ 59 per year. Microsoft is suffering from one of our TB cases and can access all Office 7 applications from our computer or browser. Cloud Storage … If you regularly use any of these applications, it is not legal , you should consider registering and enjoy all the benefits offered to us.

Google Submissions
If you use Google regularly, you will find Google Office suite called Google Suite. Google Docs This combination of Google Docs and Google Slides combines Google Drive and allows us to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any browser (absolutely Chrome) for free.

Google Presentations allows you to quickly and easily make presentations (reduction, forgiveness) by using photos and videos stored on our Google Photos . The main problem with Google Presentations is options. Because they are so small that they give us very basic functions; But enough for home users.

To create a presentation using this service, we may log in to your Google Drive account; Click New; Select a Google submission and choose the text that we want to display. Start adding pictures and videos. Google Slides is not supported. Allows us to create presentations other than PowerPoint and other applications.

iWork is a Mac for Mac operating system. But unlike Microsoft’s solution, it is completely free. iWork for Word (Word); Designed with numbers (Excel) and Keynote (Powerpoint). Translated into Cervantes’ language, Keynote is a powerful tool for creating presentations , as well as images, videos, graphics, and more. You can add cartoons.

Like the other apps available on Keynote, iWork; Available as an app via MacOS, iOS and Apple ‘s cloud service If you’re not an app but want to try out this app, you can do so through its website You need an Apple ID .

The presentation format we create at Keynote is only compatible with this application and is different from Google submissions. Allows us to export our work in .pptx format , using PowerPoint format.

Impressive – LibreOffice
Another option is to find it in the completely free application form, which can be found in the office automation applications that make us LibreOffice. Libre Office is made up of Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (Powerpoint), Base (Access) as well as standard editor and image generator.

Impress is the complete solution, you need to install the application suite. We can not install it separately. The design is very similar to Powerpoint; So, if we use this Microsoft application, it will not go wrong with us.

Regarding the options available. Impress has nothing to envy for other applications; it gives us text (one way to format); Videos Pictures Cards; Tables Because graphics are allowed to be added, this allows for the creation and control of 3D scenes due to the large amount of pre-settings. Available design elements

Impressive – LibreOffice
Impress is compatible with Powerpoint not only when you open files with the .pptx extension, but also when you export your work. The native LibreOffice template is not compatible with Powerpoint or any other application offered by Office 365, so this is an option we should consider.

Originally, it made us available to many templates. If these templates do not meet our requirements, we can download more templates from the LibreOffice template repository.

LibreOffice is available on Dense MacOS and Windows . In order to use the application in Spanish, We download the application first and then install LibreOffice, then download the language pack that we need to install.

Powerpoint is the best free choice for many reasons to show Zoho . On the one hand, Instead of being forced to use the web like the other options you show in this article, Unciona via a Chrome extension (we can also use Edge Chrome).

Another positive thing we found at Zoho is that it allows us to stream our TVs to Apple TV, Android TV Present via iPhone, iPad, Android or Chromecast ; It includes cables, It will save us from struggling with configurations and connections.

Zoho supports PowerPoint , and allows you to import files from this application to collaborate with other people. According to the options provided by Zoho, the text, Pictures Various shapes (squares, triangles, crosses, cubes …); Tables And YouTube videos.

We can do the same with Zoho Editing pictures speeds up the process by avoiding getting the images we want to use through the editor once they have been added to a presentation. Animations are one of the advantages of Zoho. Highlight key points and create stories.

Push the bean
If you are looking for templates with specific themes, Slidebean offers us the solution you may be looking for. Push Bean gives us the basic version, Most of the time, we provide free access to the most accessible version of the theme templates: This will allow us to create our presentations in a much simpler way than based on simple templates.

Unlike other websites that allow us to create presentations, Slidebean offers access to all of our multimedia content, which is provided in paid versions; So when it comes to creating presentations, there are limits to what you can imagine. It’s time to examine the many multimedia elements that are given to us.

Closed silver thread
There are a few options for PowerPoint through the web available on the web. He has plans for companies. The version is free for home users . Over 8,000 templates for our presentations; You can add 100 designs and hundreds of photos and graphics to our presentations.

Presentations that allow you to create a web page; We provide PDF, JPG It can be submitted in PNG format and on social media as a presentation. It allows us to work on the same document as other people; 1 GB storage for our submissions that allows you to add comments and even .

Canva not only allows us to present, but also to publish bulletins and magazines. Curricula; School yearbooks; Business cards; Event plans; Registration cards; Boards; Brochures; Brochures; Calendars …


Swipe is an interesting free PowerPoint for home users. Like Canvas, it allows us to work with other people on paper; Upload your presentation on the web Upload a password-protected access plan in PDF format.

This option allows you to interact with your viewers; Be a role model in the business and student environment by allowing you to choose questions and answer invitations on your own, as well as show results .

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