The secret place in the world you may not know, or AREA-51 or the American dream

The secret place in the world you may not know, or AREA-51 or the American dream

Area 51 is located off the coast of Groom Lake, south of Nevada, 83 miles from Las Vegas in the United States.

Known as a U.S. Air Force base, it is a strictly restricted area with high security and allows all unauthorized entrants the right to shoot without question.

Correspondents say even lawmakers in both houses of Congress are not sure what they are trying to do.

Only about 20 top government officials in the country know what they are doing and are under the direct control of the US NSA.

It is home to military intelligence and is used to test-fly advanced aircraft. Area 51 is named after the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

The U-2 program, developed by Lockheed U-2 dragon lady fighter jets during the Cold War, tested all of the stealth aircraft in use today.

Area 51st Air Force 5511 pilots unique and unimaginable vehicles. “Area 51” has a high mountain and a military base was built by digging the mountain.

It’s unique, and some of it looks like an Egyptian pyramid. The camp has six floors, with only the first floor accessible to staff and all other floors to be officially occupied by aliens.

According to reporters who regularly monitor the site, it is a place where top scientists and aliens work together.

Some locals said they saw aliens on the road, but the US government laughed that it was illogical.

It was not until several years later that it was publicly reported that both pilots were seen flying saucers landing just before their eyes as they were ordered to immediately divert a passenger plane that had accidentally flown over the area.

Hitler also possessed the Wunderwaffe (wonder-weapon) V-1 and V-2 missiles used by the German dictator Hitler, as well as jet propulsion fighters at the time.

There is ample evidence that such strange weapons were obtained from the capture of an alien who survived a crash in Germany before World War II.

After the war, the US Operation Paperclip found that German scientists who had received advanced education from aliens were asked to become US citizens and used for NASA.

Although not related to Area 51, I would like to say here that people have been associated with aliens since ancient times. There were flying saucers on the wall of the Great Pyramid of King Kufu, and it was suspected that the gods of ancient religions were aliens.

The kings of Egypt believed in a promise, a very bold idea, that if people could keep their cells alive, they could live again.

Who recently came up with the idea? The recent discovery that ancient Egyptian cities were destroyed by nuclear weapons.

The pyramids were built to withstand the effects of a nuclear bomb, and were equipped with lighting and water systems.

It can be assumed that UFOs fly over China and India, that aliens are watching the Earth and spying on every developing country.

US-owned Death Ray Weapon, Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW), and LRAD. From drones to drones, many believe the technology came from aliens.

Although the United States has not officially disclosed the location of the camp, people first came to know about it through Russia through photographic evidence. Russia also wants to write about Russia’s Siberian secret bases.

The US government has denied the photos and information leaked from Area 51, but in 2013 the NSA confirmed its existence.

The US NSA has admitted that it’s admitted that the last days could not be concealed. It was not immediately clear what new plans were being tested.

To this day, Area 51 remains a mysterious and mysterious place in the Nevada Desert.

Area-51 is built as a camp by digging a hill. The building has six floors and only the first floor is open to the public.

The rest of the floors have an official no-entry sign except for aliens. It’s something to think about. Due to the high level of security in this place, aliens, It is also believed to be associated with UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Many people say that there are aliens here and that they are learning advanced technologies from the aliens. Two misguided pilots also saw flying saucers landing here.

Bob Lazar, who worked in Sector-4 of Area-51 in 1989, said he worked with spacecraft. Another former Area-51 employee, Dan Durish, reportedly worked with an alien named J-Rod.

Most of the people in that secret place are scientists, Space engineers; Pilots; Some military leaders and some NASA officials. No one knows who they are except themselves and a few others.

“UFO” rumors have been circulating since the 21st century. It is true that aircraft and technology came from here.

We’ll have to wait and see what new technologies come out here next time.

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