The values are not the same

The values are not the same

Once upon a time, trees used to talk. A sculptor brought the talking trees to sculpt.

Sculpted pieces of wood were carved into pieces. He was beaten. When he was beaten, he shouted, “It hurts.”

So the sculptor did not dwell on the details, but left them as logs.

Another block of wood, no matter how painful it was, she did not shout and just kept on grinding.

The sculptor carved the piece of wood into a statue of a god for human sacrifice.

When the people knocked on the door and offered it to the idol, the wooden chair wept bitterly.

They used to be the same tree, but now they are barking and now the wood is sacrificed.

He then accused the sculptor of bias. At this point, he was told by a wooden statue of a god.

“You just can’t stand it.”

Yes . It is as if human beings were going their own way. But some succeed.

Some do not produce anything. Let some grow. But the benefits are weak.

Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

Outcomes vary depending on intolerance.

Well, what about the reader?

What kind of wood do you want to be together?

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