The world’s first aircraft carrier laser weapon

The world’s first aircraft carrier laser weapon

The Israeli military and Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit System have successfully test-fired the world’s first aircraft carrier laser weapon. This is the world’s first laser-fired shotgun from an aircraft. In this test, an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by a laser gun from another aircraft. The shooting is a crucial test for Israel, which is constantly being attacked by rockets and drones.

The high-powered laser weapon was tested on an aircraft equipped with advanced aeronautical sensors and target detection equipment. The weapon is designed to monitor and destroy multiple drones simultaneously.

The test, conducted jointly by the Israeli military and the Elbit System, took place last week. The test said that all of the target unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were shot down 100% successfully.

According to an Israeli military Twitter account, this is the first time in the world.

“This is just the first step in a long-term project. Once completed, this advanced air defense system will add another layer to Israel’s entire multi-layered air defense system. The system is based on the existing Iron Dome; David’s Sling; And Arrow air defense systems will be strengthened.

In the wake of last month’s clashes between Israeli and Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, the Iron Dome system successfully fired rockets and drones fired at Gaza to protect the Israeli people. However, experts point out that these Iron Dome ballistic missiles are not very cost-effective to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles that are too expensive. That is why the Israeli military is looking for weapons such as cheaper laser weapons in the long run.

Asked by reporters about the test, Brigadier General Yaniv Rotem, head of the Israeli Army’s research and development unit, commented:

“This is the first successful test firing of a laser aircraft carrier not only in Israel but in the world,” he said. This is a huge technological breakthrough. This weapon is very powerful and very precise. It can also hit targets accurately in any weather. ”

In last week’s firing, the laser weapon was able to accurately fire at targets within a kilometer. However, the actual weapon will be capable of hitting targets at least 10 km to hundreds of kilometers away. But he says it will take years to achieve that.

The Israeli Defense Ministry intends to use these powerful laser weapons on other aircraft as b

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