To disinfect every breath you take

To disinfect every breath you take
Water for survival air, You need to get food. Not all of these needs are met by water or air. Food also needs to be healthy. During this time , it is important to keep the nasal passages, which are the beginning of the respiratory system , free of germs .

If the air you breathe is germ-free, your lungs will be healthy and free of disease . So every time you breathe in air that is vital for survival, there is something that needs to be cleaned more urgently than to clear the living environment.

This is the nose, which is the main source of oxygen for the body . In this article, we will show you how to clean your nose to get rid of germs.

To disinfect every breath you take
To get rid of germs in the air you breathe, you need to clean your nose regularly to keep germs out.

Then the respiratory system will be healthy and the body will be healthy. So let’s do these things to get rid of germs every time we breathe?

Clean your nose .
Nasal cleansing is not uncommon, but the nose is one of the parts of the body that needs regular cleansing. Hair on the nose Although the mucus prevents germs from entering the lungs through the airways, we need to support their immune system in one way or another.

So it is a good idea to clean your nose regularly.

Rinse with clean water
Inhale clean water through your nose and exhale sharply. Then squeeze as you squeeze. Do every new face.

Rinse with salt water
Mix a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and drip it into your nose while it is still warm. Then squeeze it out.

This will kill germs and relieve nasal congestion .

Let it steam
Put boiling water in a large bowl. Then add some essential oil and inhale from the top of your head. This will relieve nasal congestion and keep the airways clear.

Use a nasal cleanser
Nasal sprays are also a great way to cleanse the inside of the nose and get rid of germs.

Inhale the onion
Peel an onion, grate it and squeeze the juice. Onion juice is also a good way to get rid of germs in the nose.

This cleanser not only removes bacteria from the nostrils, but also removes dust and dirt from the nostrils and keeps the inside of the nose moist. It also helps prevent nasal allergies.

For one thing, onions should not be used too often. It is recommended to do this only when the nose is closed.

Now clean your nose regularly to get rid of germs in every breath you take.

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