Why you should not go to bed with your hair down?

Why you should not go to bed with your hair down?

Your hair needs the same care and beauty as your skin. We need to do a lot of skin care before we go to bed and take care of our hair as well. Here are some common side effects of sleeping with your hair down. 1. You will wake up with tangle hair in the morning and your hair may be in good shape while you fall asleep.

But when the hair falls on the pillow, you will wake up with your tangled hair in the morning. At the same time, it can lead to hair loss and breakage. It can cause breakage and weaken the hair. 2. Your acne can be caused by hair. If your skin type is sensitive, take care of your hair and prevent acne. Various hair products and conditioners that accumulate on your hair can touch your face at night and clog your pores.

At the same time, it can irritate your skin. In fact, long hair can cause acne on their backs, so keeping your hair in place while you sleep can help protect you from acne. 3. Dry and curly hair will change. I think you are already experimenting with all the products in the world for your dry, curly hair. However, curling your hair during sleep can cause your hair to lose moisture. Your pillow is responsible for the dryness of your hair.

The reason is that the more you rub your hair, the more moisture it will have. 4. Hair split ends Hair loss along the length of your hair indicates that your hair is unhealthy. In fact, split ends can be caused by your pillow. 5. Your hair can also affect your sleep quality. Sleeping with your bangs not only makes you sleepy at night but also makes you want to wake up in the morning. As a result, your sleep quality may decline.

So go to bed with your hair tied up or covered with something. How to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep While tying your hair in a ponytail while you sleep is dangerous, but there are other easy ways for you. Covering your hair with a towel Silk or cotton towels keep your hair healthy and will not absorb any moisture from your hair. You can also use a headband.

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