You can eradicate the lesser-known diabetes with straw

You can eradicate the lesser-known diabetes with straw

If you have never heard of diabetes mellitus, you may want to read this article

I am diabetic, I exercise regularly, and I do not miss work

I’ve been thirsty for a long time.

Doctors say hereditary diabetes is difficult to cure

If you have a blood test three times a day, take 200 diabetics regularly and do not fast

I eat as usual and take medicine

First, I took 3 pills from Fame because I didn’t want to take English medicine

In the end, it was all right to receive less medicine from a father in the Dona Mountains.


Put a handful of dried straw in a pot of water to purify the water, add 3 bottles of pure water (simply change the water).

It is good to drink for 100 days (straw kettle)

If you are thirsty, drink at least 3 months from the beginning.

(Fresh water from Nana Su Aung Kyo after the day is fresh)


Do not drink any other water while drinking straw tea

If you have a regular dose, drink only warm straw water

For the past six years, there has been no regular diabetes mellitus

Blood tests are normal – no more thirst, no smell, no dizziness, no seizures.

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